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Email's ROI in 2009 was $43.52 for every dollar spent on it. - DMA (2009)
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Outsourcing - Email Service Providers

29% of current ESP users are planning to switch in the next 12 months due to a lack of product features and challenges with deliverability and data integration. - StrongMail "2010 Email Marketing Survey" (2010)

77% of businesses employing an ESP have switched in the past two years due to dissatisfaction with product features, services and cost. - StrongMail "2010 Email Marketing Survey" (2010)

69.3% of respondents said that, in addition to deployment and handling opt-outs, their email service providers offered data and analytics assistance. - Multichannel Merchants "Outlook 2010 Survey" (2010)

62.2% of respondents with sales of at least $10 million had their ESPs handle file maintenance and hygiene, compared with 49.3% of the smaller businesses. - Multichannel Merchants "Outlook 2010 Survey" (2010)

37% of service side respondents said they work on 11 or more accounts. - EmailStatCenter.com "Compensation & Resources Study" (2010)


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One-third of executives surveyed work with an outsourced provider, and 30% use an on-premises packaged application. - JupiterResearch "Maturation of Email: Controlling Messaging Chaos Through Centralization" (2007)

55.3% of marketers surveyed currently use, or plan on using an outside vendor for email marketing. - Datran Media Research, "The 2007 Email Marketing Survey: Looking Forward" (2007)

63.3% of online merchants use a third-party (email) service provider vs. 36.7% that do the job in-house. - Internet Retailer (2007)

44 percent, of marketers manage their email activities in-house. - Alterian (2007)

Twenty-nine percent outsource email marketing to email service providers. - Alterian (2007)

15 percent send the work to agencies. - Alterian (2007)