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Email's ROI in 2009 was $43.52 for every dollar spent on it. - DMA (2009)
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Email Newsletters

68% of marketers agree e-newsletters are the top email messages which helps to achieve their business goals, up from 45% in 2011. - DMA "National Client Email Report" (2013)

E-newsletters are the third most popular B2B content marketing tactic used (78%). The most popular is social media at 87%. - MarketingProfs "2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends" (2012)

E-newsletters make up the greatest number of emails in consumer inboxes at 29 percent. - Return Path "Email Intelligence Report Q3 2012" (2012)

70 percent of “this is spam” complaints from recipients are actually legitimate newsletters, offers or notifications that people are no longer interested in receiving. - Return Path "Email Intelligence Report Q3 2012" (2012)

Email newsletters quarter over quarter have an average of 12% list growth when curators publish less than 50% of articles, compared to 5% growth when curators publish more than 50% of articles. - Curata "Curation Habits Report 2012" (2012)

On average, medium-sized content snippets (141-1,200 characters) generated 9% more click-thru activity than small snippets (less than or equal to 140 characters) for the average newsletter and 106% more clickthru activity than large snippets (larger than 1,200 characters). - Curata "Curation Habits Report 2012" (2012)


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More than 40% of users said that each of the following make for the most valuable newsletters.
  • Informs of work-related news or company actions (mentioned by two-thirds of users)
  • Reports prices/sales
  • Informs about personal interests/hobbies
  • Informs about events/deadlines/important dates
- Nielsen Norman Group "Email Newsletter Usability" (2011)

62% of marketing executives surveyed say that email newsletters are tactics that are a part of their 2009 marketing strategy. - Datran Media "3rd Annual Marketing & Media Survey Results" (2008)

24%% of marketers rated Sending one newsletter to customers and another to prospects tests "very effective". - MarketingSherpa "2009 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide" (Oct 2008)

49% of email marketers said their newsletter routinely justified themselves. - MarketingSherpa "Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008" (2008)

10% of email marketers said their newsletters were not being justified by revenue. - MarketingSherpa "Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008" (2008)

Consumers who subscribed to email newsletters generated 34.25% more product sales. - ConAgra Foods case study in association with MarketingSherpa (2007)

60.8% of US marketers said that sending email newsletters was one of their online and mobile tactics. - Penton Media and PROMO Magazine, "2007 Interactive Marketer Trends Study" (2007)

30% of the companies surveyed used a letter or newsletter format to communicate with customers. - Silverpop (2007)

83% of survey respondents use email marketing to create and distribute newsletters - an increase of 23 percent over last year. - Constant Contact, Inc, The 2007 U.S. Small Business Summer Outlook (2007)

Between 2002 and 2007, the number of newsletters accepting advertising rose from 1,052 to 3,085. - Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters (2007)

The fastest-growing newsletter categories in 2006 were natural history/wildlife, which experienced a jump in titles from 23 to 66; trucking, which increased from 24 to 34; and nutrition, which rose from 45 to 56.
- Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters (2007)

Overall, legal newsletters continued to lead all categories, with 1,125 titles, up from 1,033 in 2006. They were followed by medical newsletters with 845 titles, up from 802, and computers and automation with 748 titles, up from 719 last year.
- Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters (2007)

Electronic newsletters also continue to grow, increasing to 4,306 titles from 3,813 last year. - Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters (2007)

There are more than 14,128 US and Canadian newsletters listed in the 2007 edition of the directory. - Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters (2007)

39 percent of handheld email users are less likely to read commercial email such as newsletters and promotions on a mobile device. That's about 2.3 out of five users. - ExactTarget (2007)

40% of small businesses execs want to see "how-to" type of content in their (email) newsletter. - Bredin Business Information (2007)

26% of small businesses execs want to see topics about strategy and leadership in their (email) newsletter. - Bredin Business Information (2007)

30% of small businesses execs say they had an improved image of a vendor from the (email) newsletter they received. - Bredin Business Information (2007)

64% of small businesses execs said they decide whether or not to open the (email) newsletter based on who it's from. - Bredin Business Information (2007)

45% of small businesses execs want to receive the (email) newsletter weekly, 34% said monthly. - Bredin Business Information (2007)