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Email Marketing Statistics and Metrics
Email's ROI in 2009 was $43.52 for every dollar spent on it. - DMA (2009)
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Email Compared to Other Marketing

37.2% of Millennials said they prefer email as their method of contact from brands they do business with or like. - BrightWave "Millennials + Email: How to Engage Email Natives" (2016)

51% of marketers rate email marketing as the top digital channel for 2015. - Smart Insights & TFM&A "[Infographic] The State of Digital Marketing 2015" (2015)

56% of US Marketers plan to spend more on 'newer media' marketing (including websites, email marketing, mobile, search, and social media) in 2011. - Association of National Advertisers (2010)

Over 60% of respondents said that at least fifty percent of the email programs they participate in are of value to them. - Econsultancy "How We Shop in 2010: Habits and Motivations of Consumers" (2010)

42% of consumers said the best way to receive ads for sales and specials is via email. - Econsultancy "How We Shop in 2010: Habits and Motivations of Consumers" (2010)

68% of US consumers aged 18-26 use emailed coupons online. - Econsultancy "How We Shop in 2010: Habits and Motivations of Consumers" (2010)

US Internet users engage with an average of 11.8 brands via Email, compared to 9.4 brands via facebook and 7.9 brands via twitter. - ExactTarget "Subscribers, Fans, and Followers: The Social Profile" (2010)

56% of US Internet users interact with brands only via marketing emails, compared to 1.3% who interact only via twitter and 0.7% by facebook. - ExactTarget "Subscribers, Fans, and Followers: The Social Profile" (2010)


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37% of US in-store shoppers' preferred menthod of recieving retail promotions in via email. - CrossView (2010)

Only 9% of US in-store shoppers prefer to receive promotional messages on social media sites. - CrossView (2010)

Strategy/Consulting is the most predominant additional service provided in addition to email services with 66% of respondents offering these services, followed by general interactive marketing (53%), social media (43%) and web design (42%). - EmailStatCenter.com "Compensation & Resources Study" (2010)

2/3's of US Internet users surveyed said email was their preferred channel for written communications between friends. - ExactTarget, "2008 Channel Preference Survey" (2008)

Only 9% of those surveyed preferred getting marketing messages via SMS (text) instead of email. - ExactTarget, "2008 Channel Preference Survey" (2008)

65% of the demographic between the ages of 18 to 34, the age demographic most comfortable with IM, SMS and emerging communications methods, will favor email to communicate with businesses in five years. - Habeas (2008)

67% of respondents prefer email as a communications channel over other online vehicles and 65 percent believe this will continue to be the case in five years. - Habeas (2008)80% of Marketers Report Email Is Strongest Performing Media Buy Ahead of Search and Display. - Datran Media, "Marketing & Media Survey" (2008)

Search is favored channel for complementing the email channel. - Datran Media, "Marketing & Media Survey" (2008)

83% of surveyed marketing executives worldwide used email, ahead of display ads, paid search and online video. - The McKinsey Quarterly (2007)

33% of surveyed travel and tourism businesses said that driving repeat visitors is a major benefit of email marketing. - Constant Contact, Inc, The 2007 U.S. Small Business Summer Outlook (2007)

Nearly half of survey respondents (46%) said reducing the dependency on print marketing is a major benefit of email marketing. - Constant Contact, Inc, The 2007 U.S. Small Business Summer Outlook (2007)

83.2% of marketers surveyed chose email marketing as the most important advertising mediums they will use in 2007. - Datran Media Research (2007)

49.6% of online merchants maintain that email marketing performs better than other forms of marketing, including paid search, search engine optimization, direct mail and affiliate marketing. - Internet Retailer (2007)

When marketers do use email in concert with other marketing channels, two out of three use special offer codes to integrate the channels. - DMA (Nov 2006)

According to Ad:Tech Attendees 31% of US Marketing Executives surveyed say direct response programs (email and mailings) have greatest ROI, more than double all other marketing programs (p.r., event marketing, website, advertising). - CMO Council (2006)

Online retailers ranked email marketing as the most important demand-generation activity for holiday success, with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ranking second. - Online Retail Holiday Readiness Report, WebTrends (2006)

Telephone and email produced the highest response rates - 2.60% and 2.45%, respectively - among direct marketing media channels in terms of generating leads. - Direct Marketing Association's "2006 Response Rate Trends Report"

57.4% of respondents to the survey report that sales from email as a proportion of total sales are much higher or somewhat higher than a year ago. - Internet Retailer (Sept 2006)

Email generated $15.50 in sales per dollar spent on email marketing campaigns last year, 17% more than direct mail, even though marketers spend 23 times more money on direct mail campaigns than on email, Winterberry Group reports. - Winterberry Group (2005)

Email will maintain about the same leads over direct mail and telemarketing in generated sales this year, when Winterberry estimates that email will generate $16.7 in sales per dollar spent on marketing, compared to $14.6 for direct mail and $9.71 for telemarketing. - Winterberry Group (2005)

Email drove 73% more sales per marketing dollar than did telemarketing, which generated $8.94 per marketing dollar. - Winterberry Group (2005)

Email delivers the highest ROI by an eye-popping margin: a whopping $57.25 for every dollar spent on it in 2005, $7.08 for every dollar spent on print catalogs, and $22.52 for every dollar spent on non-email Internet marketing. - DMA (2005)

Winterberry also projects that marketers will spend $2.2 billion on email campaigns this year, up from $2.1 billion last year, and that they'll spend $51.4 billion on direct mail, up from $48.6 billion last year. - Winterberry Group (2005)

Email marketing is the top online marketing method for retention, above search engine positioning, banner ads, sponsorships and other programs. - Direct Marketing Association (DMA) (2005)